LeadWell Training & Coaching

April has always had a passion for inspiring people to achieve their full potential. She invests in her clients by helping them to discover their strengths, gain momentum and develop the courage to trust in those around them.

She believes that personal growth and professional development are more than just nice ideas to put down on a piece of paper. With the right coach and a positive outlook, those two things can enhance any business with exponential results. As her clients make strides towards achieving their goals, April draws from her own personal experiences to connect and engage with her clients authentically.

Given her academic success with St. Clair College and the Certified Coaches Federation, April has since had the privilege of working as a mentor, trainer, teacher, and coach through her role as a Hospitality Leader with Caesars and St. Clair College. For 25 years, April has devoted her time to developing her skills in team collaboration and communication. These experiences make her uniquely qualified to lead conversations that deepen the relationships between leaders, enhance customer experience and inspire professional development.

Her roles in hotel management, organizational development and executive leadership have allowed her to enhance the lives of 1,000 leaders across a vast number of industries with proven and repeatable processes.